I signed up for an account today and was greeted by James Holmes. 
ジェームズ ホームズ こんにちは。元気ですか


I signed up for an account today and was greeted by James Holmes.


ジェームズ ホームズ

The judge in the Colorado theater shootings case says a psychiatrist can video-record the second sanity evaluation of defendant James Holmes.

Holmes’ lawyers had objected to video, but the judge ruled Thursday the defense didn’t show it would interfere with the examination.

The judge also said state law doesn’t forbid video.

Holmes pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to charges of killing 12 people and injuring 70 in the 2012 attack.

He underwent a sanity evaluation last summer. The key finding hasn’t been released, but prosecutors asked for a new one, saying the doctor who conducted the first was biased.

The judge ordered the second evaluation after ruling the first was flawed.

The psychiatrist who will conduct the new exam said video provides a better record than handwritten notes.

Barry Spodak, a threat assessment expert, said Holmes’ sudden decision to drop out of school should have been enough of a red flag for the university’s committee to act. “You know, I think that’s the signal that you should intensify your efforts, not walk away,” Spodak told ABC News. “Under those circumstances, most well-trained threat assessment teams would have gone into action.”


Bitch, please 


oh! and the august 18th hearing has been vacated. the next hearing is august 25th.


good afternoon, holmies!
I’m just getting home from the courthouse. not a terribly exciting day. the prosecution called mr. dale higashi as a witness. he works for CBI as a lab agent for firearms and toolmarks. initially, he was tasked with taking a second look at the findings of another guy, allen hammond, who had analyzed ammunition taken from the theater. mr higashi was able to determine that some of the ammunition did in fact come from james’s guns, where mr hammond had found it to be “inconclusive”. hammond also lost pieces of evidence that were given to him. so mr hammond was removed from the case and it was taken over by mr higashi. hammond no longer works for CBI, it wasn’t said but I’m guessing this has something to do with it. he now works for aurora pd. where anything goes with evidence lol. so mr higashi was able to determine that all the ammunition at the scene came from 3 of the 4 weapons that james brought along. the glock that was found in his car door hadn’t been fired at all. prior to that, they were just going through mr higashi’s career, experience blah blah.
mama and papa holmes were there again today. Robert seemed to be watching mr higashi on the stand the whole time, while arlene looked straight ahead almost the whole time. I can only assume she was looking at james. robert had on a plaid shirt ♡ arlene a flowery shirt and sparkly shoes.
james looked happy when he first walked into the room, but didn’t look around once he sat down. he swivled in his chair as he always does and alternated between staring down at his lap and towards mr higashi. his hair is short, sooo much better than that wild bedhead pompador he was rockin last time I saw him. the beard is still there but not crazy unruly. he looked really good :) I have heard that he had gained weight, but it didn’t really look like it to me.
brit, your man wasn’t there :/ sorry.
tam didn’t sit by james and wasn’t even at the defense table. she sat to the side, where jury would sit I’m assuming.
that’s pretty much it. like I said, not a real exciting day. any questions, just ask!

Thanks for letting me know about my man Spundy!  Looks like I won’t be getting any new pics any time soon.  Booooo.  Nice to hear that James looked good.  :)  Always appreciate your court reports hun <3  

July 22, 2014

Robert and Arlene Holmes and Aurora Police Detective Craig Appel.  



yeah, because we totally don’t want anyone to think of james as a real person or anything. or to help victims move to a place of forgiveness in their hearts. brauchler’s bloodthirst knows no bounds.




James makes his second appearance in international  literature 

(yay, it came!)

About Me


I’d like to start out by saying that, just like you, all of my opinions, thoughts, and feelings are the direct result my collective life experiences.

I am emotionally invested in the James Holmes case because one of my own family members, who was formerly very loving and kind, became violent due to psychosis and tried to take the life of her young child (at the time she had undiagnosed and untreated Schizophrenia). She was then admitted to a state psychiatric hospital for many years.

I’m also interested in learning exactly how psychosis and violence relate, and how the judicial system handles mentally ill perpetrators - especially in a case of this magnitude. I think it will be very telling about where we stand, as a society, in regards to the severely mentally ill during this current era in time.

I didn’t “choose” to be on the side unpopular opinion, of concern -and yes, even sympathy- for him, no more than I chose to be born into a family plagued with a dark past also due to severe mental illness and lack of proper treatment. I just ask that you don’t base your opinions off of a lack of those same experiences. If James Holmes was your friend or your family, how would you feel?

Psychosis is a real medical condition that, without early detection and proper medical intervention, can warp the reality of any one of us or anyone we love, sometimes to disastrous degrees.

My heart also goes out to the victims of this tragedy. I feel that if we as a society can try to understand how and why psychosis can turn a previously fun-loving, empathetic neuroscience graduate student who was “passionate about how he can positively contribute to the world" into a detached, delusional mass murderer we might be able to prevent tragedies like these from happening in the future.

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Mental illnesses are serious medical illnesses. They cannot be overcome through “willpower” and are not related to a person’s “character” or intelligence.

Researching learning and memory

Salk Institute for Biological Studies

"Completing the project and presenting my model at the end of the internship was exhilarating"

"It is clear Mr. Holmes’ appreciation of the wrongfulness of his actions were significantly impaired (from a clinical perspective) as a result of his psychotic thinking"

From Neuroscience - To Prison

Myth: James Holmes can’t be psychotic because he planned it

Jimmy Holmes: School photo compilation

James Holmes with friends

"That’s when I found out he could play the piano. He’s actually pretty good at the piano. He was just playing some old Irish stuff."

"Mr. Holmes is a severely mentally ill individual, who but for his severe and chronic mental illness, would not have committed this crime.”

Psychosis: Definitions and first-hand experiences

James Holmes over the span of about one year

Dysphoric Mania

"We can in good faith tender that Mr. Holmes was not guilty by reason of insanity. We now have a diagnosis. We now have an opinion by qualified professionals."

James Holmes, camp counselor to undeprivledged children at Camp Max Straus

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hey do you know what happened to 'writetojamesholmes'? i feel like the majority of the "group" left.


You just scared the shit out of me, lol.  I thought she had deleted or something and I jumped on google hella quick!  She changed her URL to http://james-holmes-files.tumblr.com/ since it doesn’t make much sense to write to James right now, since he can’t really respond yet.

I don’t know where most of the regular holmies are.  It’s summer so they’re probably getting drunk and making horrible decisions or snorting oxycodone or dying their hair with peroxide or whatever the fuck they do when it’s hot, lol.  Most likely anything on this site.

Yep I’m still here.  RG is right.  Nothing to do but get drunk and catch up on the occasional dickheadedness of Judge Samour.  I’ll be back once things heat again.  


04/30/2014 Motion for Extension of Time to File a Reply in Support or Motion D-206 [D-212]

(Motion D-206 is the motion for a change of venue)

"Moreover, in light of the current posture of this case, this two-week extension is unlikely to significantly delay the litigation in this case."

04/30/2014 Response to People’s Motion P-78


(Part 2) Here’s a recap of some of the references made in the last year - taken word for word from the Court Documents on the Court’s website -  about James Holmes’s psychosis-inducing mental illness.

  • April 29, 2013 - “Mr. Holmes suffers from a serious mental illness,” defense attorneys wrote, adding that it might be difficult to know whether he fully understands what is happening because his mental illness may prevent a “plausible grounding in reality.”

Source: Response to Order Regarding Revised Advisements [C-033] (Filed April 29, 2013)

  • July 7th, 2013 - Mr. Holmes suffers from a severe mental illness and was in the throes of a psychotic episode when he committed the acts that resulted in the tragic loss of life and injuries sustained by moviegoers on July 20th, 2012

Source: Objection to Court’s Ruling on Mr. Holmes’ Motion for a Fair Trial Unencumbered by an Unnecessary Display of Courtroom Security and Renewed Request for a Hearing (D-76a)


Source: Weekly Register of Actions Nov. 8 to Nov. 15, 2013

  • November 15th, 2013 -  Another reference to Defense Motion 188, in the footnote section of pages 1&2, which implies that a clinician found that “it is very clear that Mr. Holmes’ appreciation of the wrongfulness of his actions were significantly impaired (from a clinical perspective) as a result of his psychotic thinking”.

Source: Reply to Prosecution’s Response to Defendant’s Motion for a Pre-Trial Evidentiary Hearing to Litigate Issues Surrounding the Admissibility of Any Proffered Victim Impact Evidence (D-168)

  • November 15th, 2013 - “This case is undeniably tragic and has caused suffering and trauma on a scale that is unprecedented in Colorado. However, as the prosecution well knows, there is substantial evidence to support the defense’s position that Mr. Holmes is a severely mentally ill individual, who but for his severe and chronic mental illness, would not have committed this crime.”

Source: Reply to Prosecution’s Response to Motion to Declare Colorado’s Death Penalty Unconstitutional Because, in Practice, It Is Arbitrary in Both Application and Operation (D-164)