What happened to James’ eyelashes?  

He had eyelashes in his 2006 Senior High School portrait.

As you can see they are completely gone in his 1st & 2nd mugshots.

In the photo taken during his arraignment in March 2013, his eyelashes have clearly grown back.  

In June 2013 his eyelashes look like they’re disappearing again (unless it’s the lighting or camera view).  But he does look more unkept in this photo.  His hair is either really greasy or he put some bad hair gel in it.  Personally, I think it looks like he hasn’t washed it in a while.  

Anyway…. Are his eyelashes (or lack there of) indicative of his mental illness?  

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    he probably plucked them out himself. i am guessing jail isn’t the most entertaining place to be in and you can develop...
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    That’s because James IS insane. And he’s not a serial killer he’s a mass murderer. But he was in the throes of a...
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    Out of ALL the damn serial killers I’ve seen pictures of….. this dude def looks the most insane
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    Anxiety or mental conditions can cause you to subconsciously pull out your eyelashes. My brother did it when he was...
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    Trichotillomania could be a possibility, I guess.
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    My online friend who has worked with psychotic people said stress might have caused his eyelashes to fall out. Depends...
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